April 5, 2023 Fan Feature
Location: Chicago, IL
Favorite toy line: NECA Ultimate lines.
How long have you been a toy photographer and/or toy collector? I have always collected here and there but the pandemic kept me home so I started collecting more and photographing followed right behind. So always a collector but photographing since 2019.
Favorite Diorama Prints diorama and why:
There’s so many to decide but I really love the “Abandoned Cabin.” It’s useful for so many horror situations which I tend to favor. I also love the new “Forest” because of how many possibilities it can be used for. I had been wanting a forest for a background multiple times so when it came out I knew I needed it. Plus it’s reversible and has both day AND night. Bonus!
Favorite photo using Diorama Prints and why (below): I have so many great photos using the prints it’s hard to decide. I chose this one using “Ward 9 Great Room” because the creepy hospital was the perfect atmosphere I needed. I separated the prints to give it more depth and an “around the corner” look. Plus the lighting works really well making Myers look extra creepy. You can almost put yourself in it.
Pictured Diorama Prints dioramas:
"Spaceship Corridor" and "Ward 9 Great Room."


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