August 28, 2023 Fan Feature

IG Handle: @plastic_jokes

Location: Tallahassee, FL 

Favorite toy line: NECA is my favorite brand, 7-in movie figures are my favorite subjects to shoot, but I also enjoy Hasbro 6-in figures.

How long have you been a toy photographer and/or toy collector?

I've been collecting toys my whole life, I'm 43. I started taking my toy photography seriously during the pandemic when I shut my stand-up comedy show down for a couple of years. 

Favorite Diorama Prints diorama and why:

Abandoned Cabin and Cityscape NYC are typically my go-to's because I tend to shoot horror and TMNT/street-level heroes. 

Favorite photo using Diorama Prints:

Pictured Diorama Prints dioramas:
"Abandoned Cabin" and "Cityscape NYC."
Photos by @plastic_jokes


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