We ship you the premium prints and you assemble at home! We include instructions with your purchase, but below are the basic steps. 

Assembly – Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Step 1. All diorama panels have a small white border that will need to be trimmed off. We recommend using a paper trimmer or a ruler and Xacto knife for maximum accuracy.

Step 2. Once trimmed, adhere the panels to something sturdy/rigid such as Diorama Prints diorama base, foam board or cardboard using clips, double-sided tape, glue stick, or mounting putty, etc (some foam boards even include a self-adhesive option). 

Step 2 A. Alternatively, you can also use our dioramas for display. You can trim and adjust panels to fit your shelf space and display needs. Examples below using the "Castle Room" and "Sewer Lair" dioramas:
Step 3. Enjoy! Have fun using Diorama Prints for your toy photography shots and toy display! Follow us on social and be sure to tag us in your pics using Diorama Prints dioramas!