Click here to view the intended layout of each diorama, but note you can easily change or adjust the layout depending on your toy photography and toy display needs! 


You can set up your Diorama Prints in a variety of ways. We have purposely left it open-ended so each customer can do what works best for them. With that said, we want to showcase some setups for inspiration and guidance! Check those out below:

The Fwoosh

Thanks to The Fwoosh for checking out our dios! In that product spotlight, VeeBee shows how he set up his Diorama Prints. Below we highlight a few pictures from the article and click here to view it in full. 


Foam & Magnets

Thanks to "@dan.enny" for sharing his Diorama Prints setup! He set up his dios two different ways:

1. This set up uses foam and an interchangeable magnetic base piece. Click here for the step-by-step instructions. 


2. This next setup utilizes magnets on the actual cardboard and diorama panels so that you can easily swap out dios while using the exact same foam board or cardboard backing.


Simple Setup

Thanks to "@ret.toyphotography" for sharing her Diorama Prints setup! She uses a wall to hold up one side of a panel and uses boxes to hold up the other side. She uses everyday Scotch tape to hold the pieces to the wall and box. Below is a behind-the-scenes image showing her setup. Note: if using tape, be sure to remove carefully otherwise it may tear the dio panel.