July 28, 2023 Fan Feature

IG Handle: @Funkofhov

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Favorite toy line: Funko Pop!

How long have you been a toy photographer and/or toy collector? I started collecting Pops! around 2014 with the release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1. I am a huge Thanos fan and the Pops! were a must have for me. Then, the Groot figures got me, and then it was all over. In 2019 I discovered the Funko Photo A Day challenges and started getting into the Toy Photography community. Since then I have won multiple Funko Photo A Day Challenges, including a shot with the Diorama Print Ward 9: Padded Cell for the theme "Sweater Weather"!

Favorite Diorama Prints diorama and why: The Winchester Manor diorama is a big favorite of mine. I have the most fun taking Halloween/Horror shots and the Winchester Manor brings all the horror vibes!

Favorite photo using Diorama Prints and why (below): My favorite Diorama Prints shot uses the Junkyard dio. It's a group shot of the Simpsons Bullies. It's my favorite because I love group shots, and the dio really lent itself to be a great location for the bullies to inflict their punishment.

Pictured Diorama Prints dioramas: "Ward 9 Padded Cell," "Junkyard," and "Dojo"
Photos by @Funkofhov


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