June 5, 2023 Fan Feature

IG Handle: @the_captain_1134

Location: New Jersey

Favorite toy line: Marvel Legends

How long have you been a toy photographer and/or toy collector?

I’ve been a toy photographer/collector for about 2 years. The quarantine got me back into collecting and starting up photography. 
Favorite Diorama Prints diorama and why:

Got to go with my first print, The Castle Room. Castles are perfect settings for any figure. They can be the setting of a sci-fi fantasy shot with Star Wars figures. Doctor Doom or the Red Skulls lair or even just a hang out for Shazam and some Justice League magic users. 

Favorite photo using Diorama Prints and why (below):

That is my favorite shot because my first comic books were Spider-Man and Spidey is always his best when his back is against the wall, or he’s up against multiple foes. I feel like this picture really captures that Spidey never gives up. 

Pictured Diorama Prints dioramas:
"Spaceship Corridor," "Spaceship Armory Room," and "Castle Room."
Photos by @the_captain_1134


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